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Digital solutions

Ready to integrate product packages for your ECM & BI deployments.Built with experience with our customers our solutions enable you to deploy a powerful feature filled BI system in weeks.

  • Productized - from install to config

  • Utilizing scaleable java architecture

  • Built with HTML 5 & SOA

  • Integrated with your BI deployment

  • Cloud SaaS or on-premise management option



tag Data Migration


Providing state agencies with ability to track their performance metrics from Law Enforcement to Fire Departments.


Agencies can compare their performance against goals & focus on improving operations in the areas of concern.


A comprehensive analytic solution for agencies that helps them look ahead to plan equipment, schedules, budgets and other resources based on real performance data.

Track call volume and incidents across time - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly across Departments, Call Type and other CAD captured dimensions.


Cloud-based data analytics for hospitals!


Whether you are a procurement director or a materials manager @ a hospital, you are always looking to maximize the utilization of your resources, helping you become more efficient and profitable!


But data is fundamentally diverse and doesn't come from one single source!  Let us worry about the quality, integration and presentation of data, so you can sharpen your focus on your business growth.


Trust a reliable and capable partner to manage data loading into SAP.  From legacy data into your SAP ERP systems including Material, Product, Sales, Planning, Project, HR to Finance data migration, tagDataMigration provides a fully integrated solution for your SAP deployment.

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